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About Dreamway Education

We are highly qualified and experienced teachers, who are experts in our fields. Among us are Ph.D holders, top performing HSC graduates including state rankers, and highly skilled school teachers.


We make your educational visions our vision as well. We will work towards helping you develop this vision and helping you achieve success. 


Warm and welcoming learning environment. 'Everyone feels at home at Dreamway.'


We see learning as a lifelong  journey. Each student will encounter various forms of difficulties along the way. Our programs are designed to assist students and prepare them for the difficulties that may arise. We also help them target and fix problem areas. In doing so, we strive to pass the joys of learning to our students, so that they are constantly motivated to learn and are able to make progress. We aim to create a learning environment that is safe and accountable, ensuring that all students feel welcomed and satisfied.


A level of care and dedication that is unmatched by others! You will genuinely be in safe hands!

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Highly qualified, responsible and passionate teachers

Rigorous material and a wide range of resources 

​Constant monitoring of progress and free consultations

​Free homework help for enrolled students